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Envelopes are a type of printing products, which is a marketing tool in business communication that forms the image of the company. Postal envelopes are needed to send important documentation and letters via mail or courier delivery. In advertising, a common name is the corporate envelopes. They are a constituent element of the corporate style of the company. Envelopes with a logo are some kind of a face of the company, its business card.

Printing envelopes with a logo is done by three technologies: digital printing for small runs, offset technology for large runs over 1000 pieces and screen printing for branded envelopes made of design cardboard or paper. Printing envelopes is most often done on offset paper 80 g / m², but for some customers we print envelopes on coated paper 115 g / m², their price is higher, but the visual effect is worth it. Printing on envelopes with a logo is done either in several colors or in full-color printing; in our prices you can see two standard calculations. In Odessa, envelopes are printed in three main formats: C4 envelopes, C5 envelopes and euro-envelopes.

Envelopes making is also possible from designer cartons and papers. In our office you can familiarize yourself with them, touch and choose the paper or cardboard suitable for your purposes. Usually we are engaged in the manufacture of exclusive envelopes for invitations to a wedding, anniversary, opening and other solemn events. On exclusive envelopes, the print is painted by colors, it is also possible to produce hot stamping with gold or silver foil, logo embossing or figure die envelope cutting. Such envelopes are also called gift envelopes, they are made on designer cardboards and they contain gift certificates. Regular postal envelopes are glued together in two ways: wet glue, which needs to be wetted for gluing and silicone tape, from which it is necessary to remove the protective strip and seal the envelope.

If you do not have a ready layout, we can offer you to order an envelope design from us. In order to make an order for envelopes or price calculation call our managers.


Prices(обновлено: 03-09-2019 )

Price of envelopes production:


Post envelopes, offset paper 80 g / m², with adhesive tape, printing on one side full-color: 4 + 0.





1 pc




50 pcs




100 pcs




200 pcs




500 pcs




1000 pcs




2500 pcs




Note: Production time is 2-5 days.

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