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The CDs/DVDs are flat polycarbonate circles consisting of three layers: active, reflective and protective. Disks are used to record, store and transmit information: music, movies, games, programs, databases, presentations, and so on. Advertising uses the discs with a logo that, in addition to its informational function, has a long-lasting advertising effect due to the printing of a logo on a disc. With the development of the technology the variety of the discs is also increasing, at the moment we can offer you printing and replication of the following types of discs: CDs, DVDs, mini CDs, mini DVDs, SD cards, Blu-ray discs and CD business cards. In this article below, you will learn all about how to print on the discs.

Printing the logo on CDs/DVDs is possible with the help of four main technologies: direct inkjet printing, digital printing of the labels, screen printing and offset printing of the disks.

The direct inkjet printing is carried out on the special printable discs. These discs have a special coating that absorbs ink and a full color image is printed. The advantage of this technology is that it is possible to print small runs of 10 pieces but full-color although it requires special discs. Another advantage is the fast speed of printing such discs with inkjet technology, since there is no need to do prepress preparation. Nevertheless, the disadvantage is the impact on the printed surface of the water: it blurs the image in order to prevent that the surface of the discs can be varnished but this method, despite making the disks water-protected, is expensive and there are other alternatives for large runs therefore it is rarely used . In total, this method is suitable for printing on disks the full-color layout logo and for the runs from 50 to 500 pieces.

The digital printing of the discs is carried out by printing labels which are then transferred onto the discs. Such a sticker is glued directly onto the mirror surface of the disc without applying a layer of the white paint of the substrate which makes it light and not heavier. Naturally the digital printing is full color and suitable for small runs of the discs as the direct inkjet printing is. The advantage of this technology of printing on CDs of the logo is in a good color reproduction and a more accurate match in color since the printing is carried out on a sticker, and not directly on the disc. Another advantage is the speed of printing such discs in small quantities and, moreover, they are more water resistant than made by the inkjet printing. Another advantage of this technology is the ability to print a small-color and full-color image on mini CDs and DVDs. We recommend to make circulations 50 to 500 pieces with this technology of the disk printing.

The silk screen printing of the disks is the oldest and still popular printing technology. It is suitable for printing of the large quantities of the discs, ranging from 300 discs and more. Its key feature is that a sieve is prepared through which paint of 1 color is applied a blank CD/DVD, then the second color is printed with the sieve etc. The printing is not full color but more durable, bright, smooth and prestigious-looking than with any other printing technology. It is suitable for the printing of the discs with complex graphic logos, text, signs, vector images. This technology has a relatively low price and excellent quality but it is not suitable for small runs or for printing raster graphics or full-color images. Another advantage of this technology is the ability to print with the colors on pantones as well as some special colors: gold, silver, metallized, nacreous, ultraviolet, and so on. Printing is done on both the printable discs with a white substrate and directly on the mirror surface of the disc meanwhile the paint will spread without changing of the shade. In total, this technology is suitable for printing the discs in colors, up to 5 colors, in printing quantity from 100 but preferably from 500 pieces with the use of the special inks, accurate color matching on the pantone and the low printing cost.

The offset printing of the discs allows you to print photos of a good quality as well as any raster graphics and full color images. CDs and DVDs covered with the offset technology are printed with the special equipment; to set up and adjust the process about 50 discs are rejected as fault this is one of the reasons why only large printing runs of 1000 pieces are printed in an offset way. First, a white substrate is printed on the disks which is then covered with four CMYK colors in a row which give a full-color image and at the end of printing they are covered with a protective varnish. The only disadvantage of this technology is that small print runs cannot be made. But for the large runs of full-color logo printing on the discs - this is the ideal technology in all respects: price, speed, quality.

Recording on the discs or reproducing the discs is done in two ways: replication and duplication. Replication is an industrial production when at the factory using some special equipment a disk matrix is ​​made which is then stamped or moulded from polycarbonate blanks in the required quantity. These discs have excellent recording quality but this technology is not available for circulations of fewer than 1000 pieces. The second method of replicating the disks is duplication when the copies are made from one master disk. This technology allows you to record CDs in small numbers 50 to 1000 pieces and at a low price since you do not need to make the disc matrix and you can use simply the blank discs for recording. We can offer you to record and replicate any discs: CDs, DVDs, mini CDs, mini DVDs, SD cards and even Blu-ray discs.

And the last question that needs to be figured out is the packaging of the disks. We distinguish two types of the disc packaging: ready-made packaging and manufacturing of individual packaging. The ready-made disc packages include: CD Slim, CD Jewel, CD Shell, DVD Jewel, mini CD Slim boxes, they can be for 1, 2, 3 and 4 discs. In these ready-made boxes you can print and input 1 or 2 inserts which are printed on a single or both sides according to the capabilities of the disc case. Besides the boxes the ready-made packages also include paper envelopes with a transparent window and polyvinyl chloride envelopes which are completely transparent and are most often used for packing gift disks in magazines. The ready-made boxes can be either transparent or white, blue, black, green and of other colors, check this information with our managers.

The second type of packaging is manufacturing of packaging for the discs. Recently, the so-called ‘digipack’ packaging has become very popular or it can also be named ‘djpack’. Digipack is made of high-quality cardboard chrome-ersatz on which colors themselves and any full-color logos as well as images are printed very brightly. On top of it the digipack is covered with a matte or glossy film and inside you can install either spiders or trays. A spider is a circle on which a disc is set and a tray is a plastic plate for attaching a disc as in Slim or Jewel boxes. The digipacks are made with 2, 3 or 4 inserts where you can put the discs or else you can print the advertising information. In addition, the digipack can be decorated while the post-print processing: with gold or silver foil stamping, blind embossing, coating with selective velvet or varnish which can be continuous, convex, rough, so you should consult our managers since there are a lot of options. In addition to making digipacks you can print an envelope or a postcard for the discs on any design cardboard or paper using all the above-mentioned post-printing options, and for fastening the discs the spiders or trays are glued.

If having read all the mentioned above information, you still have questions about printing, recording or packing the discs, contact the managers of our full service Vmeste Advertising Agency and if you are ready to order the discs with a logo, write or call us, we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 23-09-2019 )

Disks price:


Price of disc blank + disc printing + disc recording:

Disk/Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs
CD disk 1,52 1,19 0,90
DVD disk 1,90 1,61 0,99
CD-mini 1,71 1,28 1,03
DVD-mini 1,82 1,44 1,17
CD business card 1,38 1,16 1,22

Note: production time is 3-7 days. The price is for printing a full-color sticker on a disk, the price for silk-screen and offset printing with a circulation of more than 500 pieces is calculated individually.

To burn discs, you must provide an image (* .iso)


Price per disk pack:

Package Price
CD Slim 0,67
CD Jewel 0,67
DVD box 0,67
Paper envelope 0,16
PVC Envelope 0,23

Note: to calculate the printing of digipacks from 300 pcs, write. Slim boxes of different colors. Packages for 2, 3 and 4 discs are calculated separately.

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