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A diploma is a type of printed products that are awarded for results in school or work. The diploma is usually A4 format with full-color one-sided printing. It is very important to order a diploma with a good design and high-quality printing, as people are proud of it, put it in a frame and hold it in a visible place.

Printing diplomas is possible both on ordinary coated paper of 300-350 g / m², and on a variety of designer cardboards. Typically, the printing of diplomas is full-color for ordinary paper, and for design papers, silk screen printing is suitable, where colors are applied in layers, but the effect will be far more attractive than from the usual printing of diplomas. Diplomas are printed mainly in A4 format, less often in A5 format, sometimes A3 format diplomas folded in two are necessary, which is a common thing. We can offer you printing of round or square diplomas, thanks to the possibility of figure die cutting.

Production of diplomas is possible not only on cardboard and paper, we can offer you the production of plastic diplomas. In this case, you can print on paper and make two-sided dense lamination, and you can make it from plastic, like plastic cards. The price of diplomas will be higher on plastic, but if you want to hold your diploma in hand, feel its importance, then printing it on paper with lamination will be inappropriate. Diplomas can be printed using hot stamped with gold or silver foil or embossed with a company logo. If you have a task to do the best and not repeatable diploma, contact us, we will do it.

Before you place an order for diplomas in our advertising agency "Vmeste" we want to remind you that if you do not have a layout, then we can offer you to create a design of diplomas. Our designers have already done such work lots of times and work quickly, which is appreciated when the result needs to be obtained in a short time. Call our managers for advice and order diplomas, they will be happy to assist you.


Prices(обновлено: 03-09-2019 )

Price for diplomas:


Printing 4 + 0, coated paper 350g / m²

Volume А5, price А4, price А3, price
10 pcs 5 7 12
50 pcs 14 20 35
100 pcs 20 35 70
500 pcs 75 120 265
1000 pcs 100 185 335

Production time 1-3 days


Plastic diplomas:

Volume 1 pc 5 pcs 10 pcs 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs
A4 Size 35 50 90 145 235 395
А5 Size 35 45 50 105 145 235
Changeable field +3 +6 +12 +24 +45 +65

Production time 2-5 days.


Metal diplomas:

Volume 1-2 pcs 3-10 pcs 11-30 pcs 31-50 pcs
А3 Size (380*300) 70 60 48 46
А4 Size (300*220) 35 28 24 23
А4 Size (250*200) 30 25 20 18
А5 Size (200*150) 20 18 15 13
Changeable field +3 +6 +12 +24

Production time 4-8 days.

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