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Dickey is a part of clothes for promoters, agitators and other personnel. Dickeys, capes and vests look very similar but there are some differences. The dickeys with the logo are related to souvenirs. They are used most often at the elections or during the promotional campaigns, the distribution of the leaflets or while holding tastings. The dickeys are more comfortable than the other types of promotional uniforms because they can be put on top of any clothing in both summer and winter. Thanks to the side straps, they fit both skinny and heavy people and look equally nice.

The manufacturing process of the dickey is divided into 2 stages: the choice of the material and the method of printing of the logo on it. The material for manufacturing of the dickeys is most often polyester, less often nylon, atlas, satin. Although according to the technology they can be sewn out of any possible material, the process of making the dickeys is similar to making flags. But it is best to do the printing on synthetic fabric, so it is more often used for sewing the dickeys. The shape of the dickeys is rectangular, sometimes it can be with rounded bottom edges. There are some straps on the sides that allow you to put them on people of any build.

The printing of the dickey is done most often using sublimation, less often by screen printing or thermal transfer. Sublimation is more expensive than the others but it allows you to print full-color dickeys from a layout of any difficulty. There is a complete sealing of the roll of fabric which is then cut and sewn. Cheaper dickey printing is done using the silk screen printing technology. The fabric of the desired color is taken, cut, the dickeys are sewn and then the finished products are printed in color. But it does not allow full-color images. The option in the middle is a thermal transfer printing which is made on some particular film which is printed onto the fabric. It makes sense when the full-color elements are small.

To order the dickeys, it is best to contact our Vmeste Advertising Agency and our experts will choose for you the material and printing technology that is most beneficial for your purposes. If you do not have a layout, our designers will quickly develop it for you. Write, we are always glad to contact you


Prices(обновлено: 23-09-2019 )

Prices for the printing of the dickeys, vests:


1-25 pcs

25-50 pcs

50-100 pcs

100 pcs and more











The price is for the sublimation with 50% printing on the white dickeys. The price on the screen printing and 100% sublimation you may find out from our managers.

The term of production is 3-5 days.

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