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A diary is a certain kind of a notebook for the whole year, in other words a thick beautiful notebook. The diaries are a working tool for all business people, it is convenient to take notes at the meetings or about other important things, write the contact information, holidays, events. In advertising this type of printing and souvenir products is called a diary with a logo. The diary with the logo of the company not only performs a useful and necessary function in planning things to do, events and time, but also performs an image advertising function. The diary with the logo is significantly different from a notebook because it looks prestigious: a hard cover with a leather or pleather binding, beautiful pages with the dates for every day, cream or white inside unit with useful information in there. In this article you will learn everything about the production of diaries, their types and printing options of the logo on the diaries.

The diary with the logo serves as an excellent gift for your employees, colleagues, potential customers. Usually diaries along with calendars are given at the New Year’s Eve. This is due to the peculiarity of the production of the diaries, as well as the fact that the diaries are produced for a certain year and it is better to receive it as a gift for the whole year ahead than at the end of the year for a couple of months. Diaries with the logo are produced in different sizes or, as they say in advertising, ‘formats’. The most common diaries are of A5 format, there are also A6 diaries, and A4 format ones. They can also be dated for each day of the week or not dated but simply in lines or grid. Both types of the diaries are convenient and useful, some of them are convenient to use because they are dated for each day, others because you can on your own keep records and present them in any time of the year. The third difference that all of them share is the white or cream color of the pages of the inside unit. As for the price, the creamy pages are more expensive than the white ones but the felt-tip pens can be different in color and you may like any of them, therefore, it’s impossible to say that the cream color is better than the white one. The other differences depend on the manufacturer, mainly the cover of the diaries, but more on this issue you can see below.

Printing the logo on the diaries is possible with two main technologies: silk-screen printing with ink in several colors or embossing. Silk-screen printing of a logo is carried out with paint through a special sieve, such printing on diaries is possible only for vector images, logos and inscriptions. The paint itself can be convex, rough, luminous, gold, pearl and any other of your choice. Stamping is of two types: blind stamping and stamping with foil. Blind embossing is done by making a cliché which with a specific temperature squeezes a logo or an inscription on the leather cover of the diary. Stamping with foil or relief stamping or foiling, which is all the same, is done following the same principle, but with the use of foil which can be gold, silver or other unusual and of eye-catching colors. Both methods of logo printing are done on the ready diaries of different manufacturers.

The production of diaries is a quite laborious and complex process which makes sense to start if you have a substantial circulation of more than 5,000 pieces. And for 99% of the orders for the production of the diaries with a logo, they are usually purchased in the right format from the manufacturers. Each manufacturer has distinctive features in quality, cover options, information inside, ribbon bookmarks, inside unit paper, binder making, cover design and many more things. Each manufacturer of the diaries has different series: from cheap ones to expensive and VIP diaries. We cooperate with four manufacturers of the diaries: Brünnen, Brisk, Julada and Lediberg. And we can print the logo on your own diaries as well as those that you order from us.

If you need advice or you are ready to place an order for the diaries, please, contact us and our managers will be happy to help you. Hurry to buy diaries for 2020 until the prices have increased. The 2020 diaries will be one of the useful and pleasant gifts for your customers, colleagues or partners!


Prices(обновлено: 23-09-2019 )

Price of diaries for 2019:



Name Price
  А6, dated 7-12
  А5, dated 16-23
  А5, dated 25-40
  А5, fashion 65-100



Name Price
  А5, dated 10-13
  А4, dated, white 32
  А5, undated 7-9
  А6, dated, white 6-7

Note: The print on the diaries of the logo is calculated individually according to the layout. Production time 4-7 days. Ask managers for cover pictures.

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