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Cups are one of the most commonly used types of souvenirs in everyday life. The cups in advertising are called cups with a logo or branded cups. The cups with the logo are a good advertising move for your clients, colleagues and business partners. The cup with the photo is a great gift for the birthday, March 8th, February 14th and other holidays. Cups or mugs are ceramic, glass, porcelain, faience and metal. Logo printing on the cups can also be done with a large number of different technologies. On the manufacture of the cups with the logo with the details you should read below.

Making the cups with the logo begins with the selection of the cup itself. They are promotional class, relatively cheap for the price of the ceramics. But also the ceramic cups are very presentable, we can offer more than 20 different types and shapes. There are still the cups bought wholesale cheap from the local ‘7 km’ market which are uneven, with a rough bottom, can burst when printed but their price is lower than any other one. The porcelain and the faience cups and saucers belong to the VIP class of the crockery, their price is much higher than of the ceramic ones but it is pleasant to hold such a cup in your hands even if it is without a logo. The coffee cups and saucers can also be different in their price and shape. We can offer the metal cups which are not subjected to the mechanical damage, suitable for people with an active lifestyle. The only thing that is important to know when choosing the cups, besides their cost, is the circulation that you need, if you need up to 20 pieces, only the cups for sublimation will do. Ask our managers, they will tell you what the options are.

Printing of the logo on the cups is done with five different technologies: screen printing, pad printing, sublimation, decal and decoration. All technologies differ from each other and have their advantages and disadvantages. For the cups with the photo which are made as a gift and, as a rule, in small runs, sublimation works best. The sublimation printing is done from 1 piece, full color but at a price above all other types of printing. For printing of the mugs with a print run of 20 pieces, you can make either screen printing or pad printing. Both of these types of printing are not very durable, in the process of use the paint is scraped off in some places but the price is optimal for promotional cups for distribution, especially if we are talking about 100-500 pieces of print runs. Another disadvantage of these technologies is not a large area of  printing on the cup and the logo printing by color, up to 4 colors usually. Decal is one of the most reliable printing technologies for the cups, it divides into hot and cold decal. With such a print, the image is printed by color on the special paper and then transferred to the cup with or without high-temperature roasting. After a hot decal, the print on the cup is kept tight and it can only be scraped off with a layer of ceramic or glass. The great advantage of the decal, besides durability, is the ability to print up to 8 colors or almost full-color pictures as well as low cost for large editions of 1,000 pieces and more. The latest printing technology is the decoration with which many alcohol brands make bottles with a logo. When decorating, the cost of printing is even lower than that of the decal as well as the printing technology is faster and the logo placement is accurate since printing is almost completely automatic.

Thus, the process of making the cups consists of choosing the items themselves and determining the logo printing technology. To do this, you must have a layout in good quality, if a bitmap or a vector image is for the large editions. If you do not have a layout, our designers will work it out for you. The managers of Vmeste Advertising Agency can help with the choice of printing option and the exact calculation of the cost, call us or write and we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 23-09-2019 )

Price of cups:


The price of cups depends on the quality and material of the cup. The price of cups is on average from 2 to 4 EUR, more precisely ask managers.


Price for screen printing:

Volume\Printing 1+0 2+0 3+0 4+0
50 pcs 70 130 190 255
250 pcs 85 160 170 310
500 pcs 140 265 390 515
1000 pcs 230 440 650 860
5000 pcs 965 1830 2700 3570

Production time 3-7 days.


Decal print on cups:

Colors\Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 250 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs
1 color 92 170 285 545 825
2 colors 110 205 455 720 1170
3 colors 125 235 535 860 1445
4 colors 135 255 600 965 1720
5 colors 140 270 640 1035 1860

The price is only for printing on our cups. Production time 5-10 days.


Sublimation printing on cups:

Type\Volume 1 pc 2-5 pcs 5-20 pcs 20-50 pcs 50-100 pcs up to 100 pcs
White cup 12,6 8,3 7,3 6,0 5,0 4,0
Cup with a colored handle 14,0 11,3 8,6 7,0 6,3 5,0
Chameleon cup 15,3 12,0 10,0 8,6 7,6 6,6

The price is indicated on the cups with the seal. Production time 1-3 days.

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