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Coasters are used for mugs, glasses and cups. The coasters with a company logo are often used in advertising. They are also called ‘beerdeckels’ or ‘cup holders’ but the word ‘coasters’ is most commonly used although it is all the same. The coasters are advertising and souvenir products and perform a useful household function: they protect furniture from the temperature or mechanical effects of the mugs, glasses or cups. In addition, the coasters with a logo are an ingenious marketing tool which in an unobtrusive manner can convey the information about your brand, being printed on some paper under a glass.

Coasters with the logo are particularly popular with manufacturers of products, beer, alcohol beverages and juices. The use of the coasters is very wide, from all kinds of cafes, bars, restaurants and fast food places to the gift coasters which are collected by tourists from different countries. Beerdekels are also popular as the corporate gifts for employees and customers, due to the fact that they protect furniture from scratches or thermal damage, both in offices and at home. The specialists who want to introduce a new product to the market understand perfectly the effect that coasters will make with advertising of this product when they are distributed to a catering establishment or to some popular bars or fast-food cafes.

Production of the coasters at the moment, in addition to the standard materials such as beer cardboard, has expanded, and plastic or silicone glass holders are gaining popularity. Beerboard coasters are popular because of their low cost on producing but they have one important disadvantage - they are usually disposable. Plastic and silicone coasters are more expensive to manufacture, but have the advantage of being reusable. The size and shape of the coaster is standardly round or square, measuring 10 * 10 cm, but for large numbers it is possible to manufacture a unique knife for cutting a free form and size. The cost for printing the coasters is still largely dependent on a logo printing.

Printing a logo on a coaster is a separate topic and deserves your attention. The beer coasters are printed with three technologies: silk screen printing in color or full-color printing on paper which is then glued onto cork blank using a laminating technology and coated with some protective lamination, and also direct printing. Silk-screen printing of a logo on the coasters is cheaper, but not suitable for all a client’s or a marketer’s ideas but by bonding you can make the coasters on any layout. The third printing technology on coasters is direct printing, with the help of which it is possible to print both on coasters from beer cardboard and on plastic coasters. Direct printing also allows you to print any full-color image but their cost is way higher than the previous two logo printing technologies. Plastic coasters are printed with the direct printing only. Silicone coasters are made of plastisol and the logo on them can be printed in colors like the silk-screen printing but which cannot be erased or damaged. The silicone coasters are made with a 2D effect, that means that they are embossed, voluminous but on the flat surface.

Production of the coasters compared to the other types of souvenirs is long-term usually starting with a week up to three weeks. This is due to the complexity of the production stages, so if you decide to order the coasters, think about it in advance. To order the coasters, design a layout or and consulting with our managers, please contact us, we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 23-09-2019 )

Coasters price:


Coasters with Ø10 cm, or square 10*10 cm, beer cardboard 1.0 mm, silk screen 

Print 100 pcs 300 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 5000 pcs
1+0 85 120 150 235 700
2+0 100 140 165 275 835
3+0 115 160 185 300 965
4+0 125 180 225 340 1100


Coasters Ø10 cm, or square 10*10 cm, beer cardboard 1.0 mm, direct printing

Print 100 pcs 1000 pcs 5000 pcs 10000 pcs
4+0 0,66 0,41 0,32 0,28
4+4 0,80 0,44 0,35 0,31


Silicone coasters Ø 10 cm

Volume Silicone Production time
100 3,4 14
500 3,0 14
1000 2,6 16
2000 2,4 18

Production time 3-10 days.

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