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Chevrons are an element of clothing showing belonging to an organization, initially the chevrons were the insignia of the military. Over time, the steel chevrons came to being used in sports clubs, commercial organizations, security companies, retail stores, supermarket chains and simply as a decoration for the clothes. Chevrons or patches in advertising are made in several ways of production and refer to the souvenirs and textiles.

Production of the chevrons is possible with three main technologies: sublimation, computer embroidery and jacquard weaving. The most common are embroidered chevrons. They are made with the help of the embroidery with the threads on any fabric, they are laminated from the reverse side and laser-cut along the contour and can be of any shape. With a large circulation of the patches they can be made by the method of the jacquard weaving which is made similar to the embroidery but without a substrate. Both of these options have only one drawback: these technologies can not embroider a full-color image. For this, there is the sublimation printing technology which prints the full-color image on the fabric and then stitches to the substrate and a chevron of the desired shape is cut out with the laser.

Production of the chevrons is not an easy process. Unlike most types of printing to create the chevron one layout is not enough, you still need to create a computer program for the embroidery which calculates the right number of the stitches and their area and the price on the chevrons depends on it. On the reverse side of the patches or the chevrons, it is possible to make a thermal adhesive attachment with which the chevrons are quickly glued to the form with the help of an iron or a hot press, but experience has shown, it is safer to sew them in the traditional way to the clothes. You can embroider the chevron by combining the technologies, using the sublimation printing to create a full-color background and the important elements of the logo or the text to embroider with the threads. The embroidered chevrons are the most popular in advertising as they have volume and great durability when worn.

To order the production of the patches or the chevrons, contact Vmeste Advertising Agency and we will be happy to help you from the process of creating a layout to delivering the order to the office.


Prices(обновлено: 19-09-2019 )

Chevrons production price:


Volume\Type 10 pcs 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs
Embroidery 2,46 1,53 1,26 1,06 0,86
Jacquard - - - - 0,73
Sublimation - - 1,0 0,8 0,53

Prices are for a standard chevron 5 * 7 cm with an average number of stitches. Ask the managers for the exact price. Production time 3-10 days.

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