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Certificates – it is a type of printing or promotional products, which gives the right to receive some benefits or certifies some achievements. Certificates can be printed on standard or designer paper, can be made of plastic, wood or metal. The most common sizes of certificates are A5 and A4 format. Certificates are very widely used as gifts or certificates of achievement and are an indispensable marketing tool these days.

Printing of certificates is done with three printing technologies: digital, offset and silk-screen. Digital printing is suitable for printing small print runs of certificates, while offset printing is used for printing runs of 1000 pieces. In this way, certificates are printed on matte or glossy coated paper of 300, 350 g/m². Usually they are printed general information, and personalization is printed, passing it through a regular printer.

VIP certificates printing is done on designer paper and cardboard. In this case, it is not ordinary coated paper that is taken, but one of the 500 types of designer cardboard. They can be printed on with digital printing only if the cardboard is white or beige, in all other cases we recommend printing with screen printing. This printing is done through a sieve and printed by color, which allows printing on cardboard of any color, even on black, but it does not allow printing full-color printing. Also, the certificates themselves after printing can be laminated, coated with selective varnish, foil stamping can be gold or silver, bending or figure cutting. Thus, you can make unique, beautiful and elegant certificates that only you will have.

Making of certificates other than paper or cardboard can still be done on plastic, wood or metal. Plastic certificates are printed as well as plastic cards, only in A5 or A4 size. Wooden certificates are made of wood, and the image and text on them are printed either with UV printing or burned with a laser. Metal certificates are made on stainless steel or brass, the image and text are printed either by sublimation on the metal, or can be done by chemical etching and painting with enamels, or by laser engraving. The cost of all three types of certificates is much higher than regular cardboard or paper, so they are rarely ordered, but we are ready to make them for you.

To order certificates, you can contact our managers with a layout and description, and we will promptly calculate your order and execute it as soon as possible. If you do not have the design of the layout, you can order it at our design studio "Vmeste", because a good design is the key to success.

Prices(обновлено: 03-09-2019 )

Price of certificates production:


Printing 4 + 0, at coated paper 350g / m²

Volume А5 Price, UAH А4 Price, UAH А3 Price, UAH
10 pcs 5 7 12
50 p 14 20 35
100 шт 20 35 70
500 шт 75 130 265
1000 шт 100 185 335

Term of production - 1-3 days


Plastic certificates:

Volume 1 pc 5 pcs 10 pcs 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs
А4 Size 35 50 90 145 235 395
А5 Size 35 45 50 105 145 235
Changeable field +3 +6 +12 +24 +45 +65

Term of production 2-5 days.


Metal certificates:

Volume 1-2 pcs 3-10 pcs 11-30 pcs 31-50 pcs
А3 Size (380*300) 70 60 48 46
А4 Size (300*220) 35 28 24 23
А4- Size (250*200) 30 25 20 18
A5 Size (200*150) 20 18 15 13
Changeable field +3 +6 +12 +24

Term of production 4-8 days.

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