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The cases with a logo are protective accessories for the smartphones and the tablets. And printing on the cases for the smartphones and the tablets is our new advertising service which relates to souvenirs. The cases protect devices from physical damage, scratches, grease stains, help to survive their falling and keep a surface of the phones and the tablets new. But the main thing in the cases is their design. Since many people can afford an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, everyone possesses the same phones. And everyone wants to be individualized and printing on the cases of a photo or a unique design will not only distinguish you from the others but also emphasize your individual style and inner world.

Printing of the cases for iPhone 5, iPhone 10/10X, iPhone 8/8S, iPad 5/6/4, Samsung Galaxy S9/S10 and other cases for the gadgets are not only a great fashionable souvenir for your employees, customers or colleagues but also a wonderful gift. In the modern world, the strength of the brand plays an increasingly important role. Suppose coffee in a store on the market costs 0,3 EUR, in Starbucks such coffee will already cost 2,5 EUR. The difference in cost depends largely on the value of the brand. If your business is focused on the brand strength, fashion, lifestyle - then printing your logo on the cases will be a great way to bring your introduce to the market. Many will be happy to receive a gift or buy a stylish case for a phone with the logo of a famous night club or restaurant, beauty salon, fitness club.

Cases for the phones with a logo are a great gift, especially when you don’t know what to give: you can’t give an apartment or a car, and giving annoying socks and shaving foam every year bores you. We make printing on the cases with the direct UV printing technology. This is a full color print that is not erased, has a matte shade. The back of the case is covered completely, the sides remain transparent or of the color of the case. The cases themselves are transparent white, black, blue, pink, yellow, red and other monochrome colors. And the cases with a photo or a fashionable and stylish art will be an original gift to your friends, family and the loved ones.

We print on any cases not only those that are listed on the price lists. But not all cases are available, so ask our managers about the possibility of printing on the cases for other phones or tablets. We also make custom designs for the cases or use them to create the high-quality image layouts. To order printing on the cases, call and our managers, we will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 18-09-2019 )

Price for cases with print:


Type\Amount 1-5 pcs 5-10 pcs 10-50 pcs from 50 pcs
Case for iPhone  25 17 14 13
Case for iPad  23 20 17 11
Case for GALAXY 23 21 18 13
Case for GALAXY NOTE 23 21 18 13

The price includes a cover, printing on a cover, a box, a film on the screen! Printing time 2-5 days. Printing in 1 day + 50% of the cost.

Layout should be 1200*600 pixels.

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