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Baseball cap is a headwear with a visor, it is very common in advertising. The baseball caps are used as an element of the staff uniform or as the clothing for promoters. Branded caps or baseball caps in advertising are called ‘the caps with the logo’. The baseball caps with the logo of your company add to the corporate identity of the company, form its image and are an element of clothing of your staff.

The caps or the baseball caps with the logo of your company will help to add to the corporate identity of your staff when working with clients in the service sector: restaurants, cafes, bars, service stations, shop assistants, a shop itself, supermarkets, etc. At the moment, Vmeste Advertising Agency offers you the following options for printing the logo on the caps: silk-screen printing, sublimation, embroidery, flex and thermal transfer printing.

Printing of a logo on a baseball cap using the screen printing method involves applying paint by the color, most often it is 1, 2 or 3 printing colors. Silk-screen printing on the baseball caps is the most popular thanks to its high print quality, long lasting and low cost, its disadvantage is the minimum number of 20 pieces, and preferably starting from 50 pieces. Embroidery on the baseball caps involves applying a logo on the caps using the method of embroidering your logo or lettering with threads, stitches can be more or less frequent which affects the cost of embroidery. Thermal transfer printing on the caps is rarely used and is a full-color printing on the film and its subsequent transfer to the cap in the condition of a high temperature, its disadvantage is the quality of the film - it withstands about 20 washes. Sublimation printing on the caps is a full-color printing on the synthetic caps, it is difficult to manufacture and the synthetic caps themselves are not comfortable to wear, but this method is used to make caps for promotional campaigns, plus it is full-color printing. Flex printing on the baseball caps is performed on the film of different colors, it is cut afterwards and transferred onto the cap, it is a very durable, high-quality, but rather expensive type of printing although in some cases it is the only possible one especially when it comes to the white color on the dark caps. Silk-screen printing in white will turn out grayish white and the flex printing is bright white on any background. Full-color flex printing is possible, it looks very prestigious and expensive but it is difficult and pricey to do.

We offer the caps of different brands, cost and tailoring options. On the price lists you can see the prices for the wholesale purchase of the caps or the small wholesale purchase starting from 10 pieces of different brands and models. But what is important to know: the baseball caps can be in different materials i.e. cotton, polyester, nylon, acryl. Cotton is suitable for most types of printing. The polyester caps for sublimation. Any type of the caps can be embroidered. The cap models themselves differ in the number of panels or seams as well as the visor and the fastener. There are five or six wedged caps, for most types of printing only five wedged caps are suitable, or with a joined seam so that you can print the logo on the cap in the center. Fasteners are the most common of two types: Velcro or metal fastener. Also the caps can be with a reinforced visor, it can be two-colored or just thicker than usual, such caps are called a ‘sandwich’. If the quality of the caps isn’t important for you, and the most important thing is their reasonable price, we will be able to offer you caps from the local market call ‘the 7th km’, one of the largest markets in Ukraine, where you can find the caps at a low price and, accordingly, the quality may not bo so good and they willl be of unknown brands.

For questions about ordering the baseball caps, or printing a logo on the caps, consult our managers, they will tell you more about printing options on the caps, their types and calculate the exact cost of your order.


Prices(обновлено: 17-09-2019 )

Price for caps of Cofee company (Czech Republic):

Name Clasp type Qty of panels 1-50 pcs 51-100 pcs over 100 pcs
Turned sandwich metal clasp 6 offset seam 6,05 5,85 5,25
Heavy metal clasp 6 center seam 6,2 6,0 5,4
Truck velcro 6 center seam 6,4 6,2 5,6
Military velcro   6,35 6,15 5,55
Army mesh velcro 6 center seam 6,85 6,65 6,05
Basik velcro 6 center seam 4,95 4,80 4,05
Promo velcro 5 wedges 4,25 4,05 3,45
Child velcro 6 center seam 6,15 5,95 5,75
Visor velcro visor 6,15 5,85 5,25
New wedge metal clasp 6 center seam 6,55 6,35 5,75


Price for caps by Sols (France):

Name Clasp type Qty panels 1-50 pcs 51-100 pcs more 100 pcs
Buzz velcro 5 2,65 2,45 2,15
Buffalo metal clasp 6 4,0 3,65 3,2
Sunny velcro 5 3,05 2,74 2,4

Printing on caps: screen printing, thermal transfer, embroidery and flex are calculated individually


Screen printing on caps in EUR:

Format/Volume Color 20 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs 500 pcs
А5 (10*15) 1 color 1,4 1,2 0,95 0,65
2 colors 2,2 1,6 1,35 0,95
3 colors 3,0 2,0 1,75 1,25
4 colors 3,8 2,4 2,15 1,6
А4 (20*30) 1 color 1,8 1,6 1,2 0,8
2 colors 2,6 2,4 1,5 1,2
3 colors 3,55 3,2 2,0 1,6
4 colors 4,2 4,0 2,4 2,0
  • When printing on synthetic fabrics + 20%
  • When printing on a color background, +1 color


Flex printing on caps:

Format/Volume Color 1-10 pcs 10-25 pcs 25-50 pcs 50-100 pcs
15*10 cm 1 color 9,0 6,0 4,0 2,7
2 colors 10,5 7,5 5,7 4,0
3 colors 12,0 9,0 7,0 5,7
20*10 сm 1 color 9,7 8,4 4,7 3,0
2 colors 11,7 8,7 6,7 5,0
3 colors 14,4 10,5 9,0 7,0
30*10 сm 1 color 10,5 7,5 5,4 4,0
2 colors 14,4 10,5 8,7 7,0
3 colors 17,0 15,7 11,7 10,0

The price is approximate, accurate is considered according to the layout.

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