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Corporate identity is a composite concept of the graphic design of the company's image, it includes the logo, the font, the colors, the pattern, the slogan. The corporate style of your company is a necessity in our time. According to the corporate identity, a company is now being greeted on the market, as in a saying when it’s what shows up on the surface that counts. The corporate identity is the design of everything that you have: your logo, your business cards, the letterheads, the office decoration, putting film on the cars, the special clothes, and so on, made in the same style. The rules for using the corporate identity in advertising is called the brand book. Graphic design studio ‘Vmeste’ will develop for you not only a logo, but also a full-fledged corporate style.

Brandbook includes the rules for the use of the corporate identity and the design of everything necessary for your company. The brand book contains your corporate identity: logo, corporate colors, pattern, slogans, decor elements etc. But in contrast to the corporate style, the brand book contains characteristics of colors according to CMYK, on RGB, numbers of pantones, as well as the rules for using them in advertising, souvenir and printing products. A brand book for each company may contain a different number of pages and positions for which layouts are developed, this depends on the scope of the company’s activities and the use of advertising services in its work. Accordingly, the more positions initially get into your brand book, the more expensive the cost of developing a brand book is.

The development of the brand book in Vmeste Design Studio begins with your corporate identity, if it is not there, or if there are not any elements yet, our designers will make them for you. Next, we will analyze the scope of the activity of your company and that you can potentially need at hand at work. After agreeing on these points, we start creating the brand book. After its approval, we not only give you the electronic version but also print two booklets and later on, when ordering the other products, if you have the brand book, you get a 50% discount on all layouts. This discount is valid regardless of who you ordered the brand book from. Because the brand book itself contains rules for creating the layouts and visualizing their use in preparing the layouts which greatly simplifies the designer’s work. The presence of the brand book adds to the image and status of a modern, prestigious company.

You can order the brand book in Vmeste Design Studio and you can also order the production of any promotional products from the brand book, since we are also a full service advertising agency. We hope for the fruitful cooperation.


Prices(обновлено: 07-10-2019 )

Brandbook price: 


Package Description Price, EUR
Start Form style + 5 positions 300
Standart Form style+ 20 positions 450
Business Form style + 40 positions 600
Redesign Brand Book update, 10 positions 450



Corporate identity price:

Creating Price, EUR
Naming 150
Corporate colors, font 75
Slogan 75
Logo 150-400

The term for creating a Brandbook is 7-14 days.

Corporate identity production
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Corporate identity production
Образец страницы брендбука
Brandbook development
Brandbook sample
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