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Bracelets are a kind of souvenir products that are worn on the hand, on the wrist. In advertising, they are most often called control bracelets. This name is associated with their main function. Control bracelets are designed to control the access system in nightclubs, fitness clubs, resorts, medical facilities and so on. But besides the control function, they also play an important advertising function, because you can print your company logo, name or other elements of the corporate style on them. Bracelets with the logo will not only help in controlling the visit, but also add the image of your institution, company or brand. Often they are also called promotional bracelets, thereby distinguishing them from those that are woven from beads, handmade, etc.

Making of bracelets is possible from various materials, hence there is division of bracelets into types. They are distinguished as: paper, vinyl or plastic, silicone bracelets, slap and fabric bracelets. They can also be divided according to their intended purpose: medical, for keys, luminous and with a bar code. The production of bracelets is possible in our advertising agency of the full cycle "Vmeste", and you will learn about the details of the production by reading this article.

Printing bracelets with a logo is done by several technologies. In general, bracelets with a logo are printed with a silk-screen printing, i.e. printing by color, usually in one, two colors, up to a maximum of 8 colors. Full-color printing is possible in rare cases. After printing, you can apply a fluorescent ink, which is invisible, but glows in UV lighting. On silicone bracelets you can make a logo or an inscription extruded inside or outside. Bracelets can be ordered without printing.

Paper bracelets are made of a special polymeric material TYVEK (tayvek, tivek). The material is similar to plain paper, waterproof, durable, does not stretch, does not tear and is perfect for the production of control bracelets designed for one day of use. There are two standard sizes: the length in both cases is 250 mm and the width is 19 mm or 25 mm. They are widely used in nightclubs at parties, at concerts, at events, when drawing lotteries or other promotions. Paper bracelets consist of the following parts: a color field for printing labels, logos or other information; perforated field, on one side of which there is a white field with cut-out lines, on the back side an adhesive field with very high adhesion and glued so that it cannot be unstuck without breaking the perforation line. The color field itself can be 18 colors, of which 5 are neon colors (yellow, green, orange, red, pink). Printing the logo on them is possible with silk screen printing technology up to 8 colors. For additional protection, bracelets with a logo can be individually numbered, made an invisible seal with luminescent paint, which is visible only under ultraviolet light or print a bar code on them.

Vinyl bracelets or plastic bracelets are one and the same, with a slight difference (the presence of a protective layer for the skin). They are made from a material called polyvinyl chloride and belong to the premium segment of bracelets, their property is an order of magnitude better than that of paper ones. Vinyl bracelets can be worn for a long time, several days or even weeks. They are not subject to accidental mechanical damage, are pleasant to the touch, do not cause allergic reactions, resistant to stretching and do not interfere with movements. They have the widest scope: identifying the level of access at events, parties and concerts, are used in sports competitions, at multi-day festivals and open air, in hotels and resorts, in hospitals and entertainment complexes, in almost all areas where there is need to identify or control guests. Vinyl bracelet consists of an outer color layer, on which a logo, inscription or other information is printed, a special bottom layer that touches the skin without causing any irritation and a plastic disposable clasp. They can not be removed without damaging the clasp. For additional protection, you can also print a bar code, personal number or cover it with paint that is visible only in UV light. They are of two types: F-shaped and L-shaped, on the f-shaped there is more space for printing a logo. For the manufacture of vinyl bracelets colored background, you can choose from 25 colors. One type and at the same time a separate product is a medical bracelet. Medical bracelets are made in the same way as vinyl, but they have their fundamental differences: sizes, printing method, material and price, they are more expensive.

Silicone bracelets are used when conducting charity events, advertising campaigns and just as decoration. They do not stretch, do not lose their shape, do not cause allergic reactions, are bright and pleasant to the touch, withstand temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees, are not influenced by water and the sun. The production of silicone bracelets occurs in several stages, but in one process. If paper and vinyl are first produced and then printed logo is made on the finished products, or inscriptions, silicone bracelets are made immediately with printing. You can choose any color of the silicone bracelet itself in the pantone color table, it may be glowing in the dark, or it may consist of several colors. The inscription or logo can be made extruded to the outside or inside, and you can make the paint in 1 or 2 colors, you can paint the paint extruded inscription. Extrusion and paint is not erased and never washed off, if during the production process all procedures are followed. Some companies offer printing on finished bracelets - such printing is not durable and quickly erased, you can order them from us with printing during production that is not erased. We can also offer pass-through numbering for use in fitness clubs, swimming pools and gyms. Bracelets can be divided into length for men (200 mm), women (180 mm) and children (160 mm), but in fact you can choose any size, the price does not change. But in width they can be 12 mm or 25 mm, and this affects the price of bracelets. Silicone bracelets can be a key holder, silicone mount for key chains with accessories, and the bottom can be laser engraved and they can glow in the dark. All this affects the price, and you can find information about the price in our prices.

Slap bracelets are one of the new types that are used most often during promotions, advertising campaigns, presentations and other events. Slap bracelets externally look like rulers, but when you clap your hand, they fold into a bracelet. Slap bracelets are named due to the sound they produce. Slap bracelets are of two types: PVC and silicone. Both those and others consist of a thin steel plate inside, in a special way bent. But outside PVC are made of velvet material on the inside and reflective PVC film on the outside. A silicone slap bracelets on both sides consist of a silicone coating, but inside a steel plate. Their standard size is the same for both types: 25 * 230 mm, 30 * 230 mm and 30 * 300 mm. Logo printing is done using silk screen technology. The background color can be one of 36 colors. Slap bracelets are popular mainly with young people and are great for promoting youth brands, products or services.

Fabric bracelets in their functions and methods of application do not differ from all other types of bracelets. They are made of polyester and are new in the market of the CIS countries. They consist of a fabric, that is, polyester, printing of a logo or lettering and a convenient fastener. The press on a fabric bracelet is possible with a silk screen up to 8 colors. They make three standard sizes: 15 * 360 mm, 15 * 400 mm and 20 * 350 mm. Fabric bracelets are very light, comfortable, soft, pleasant to the touch and most importantly exclusive, as they are new.

In general, printing bracelets is possible with full-color printing, but then the price of manufacturing becomes so high that no one will order them for promotional purposes. For questions about the order or calculation of the cost, call our managers, they will be happy to advise you and prompt the optimal type of bracelets for your purposes.


Prices(обновлено: 18-09-2019 )

Bracelet price:


Tyvek Paper Bracelets:



Print 1 color

Print full color

1,9 cm

100 - 1000 pcs




1 000 - 10000 pcs




10000 - 50000 pcs




Note: production time is 2-5 days.


Vinyl / plastic bracelets:

Volume/pcs EUR/pcs Print 1 color, EUR/pcs Barcode, EUR/pcs Unique Numbering, EUR/pcs
100 0,16 0,15 0,013 0,05
500 0,15 0,12 0,012 0,045
1 000 0,15 0,09 0,012 0,04
5 000 0,145 0,08 0,011 0,035
10 000 0,14 0,07 0,010 0,03

Note: production time is 7-14 days, when ordering less than 1000 pcs +7 EUR to the order.


Silicone bracelets:

Volume Print 1+0 Print 2+0 Print 3+0
50 pcs 1,4 1,5 1,6
100 pcs 0,9 1,1 1,3
500 pcs 0,8 1,0 1,2
1000 pcs 0,7 0,9 1,1

Note: the production time of silicone bracelets is 3-10 days.

  • The size of the bracelets on the length of 200, 180 and 160 mm, all in one price.
  • Extrusion outward or inward - 0,1 EUR.
  • Glowing in the dark - 0,1 EUR.
  • Bracelet for a key - 0,05 EUR.
  • Laser engraving - 0,05 EUR.



PVC Slap Bracelets:

Volume 25*230 mm 30*250 mm 30*300 mm
300 3,8 4,2 4,5
500 3,1 3,5 3,6
1000 2,3 2,7 3,2


Slap silicone bracelets:

Volume 25*230 mm 30*250 mm 30*300 mm
300 7,6 8,0 8,3
500 7,0 7,3 7,6
1000 6,0 6,7 7,3

Note: production time 8-12 days.


Fabric bracelets:

Volume 15*360 mm 20*350 mm
300 1,4 1,5
500 1,2 1,25
1000 1,05 1,15
3000 0,95 1,0
5000 0,8 0,85
10000 0,6 0,65

Note: production time 15-22 days. The clasp is aluminum or plastic, included in the price.

Printing for 1 color - 0,08 EUR

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