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Boxes with the logo is a bright and functional element of the packaging and transportation of goods and products. They are much lighter and more environmentally friendly than ordinary plastic bags or containers. And if you are any catering institution and pack the take-away for your guests in an exclusive box with your logo, this will not only provide you with the additional delicate advertising but also make a pleasant impression and distinguish you from your competitors.

You can order making boxes in ‘Vmeste’ Advertising Agency. We can produce for you the exclusive, designer boxes. Nowadays the box starts to be used not only for practical purposes but also as a great way to increase sales! The same box can be used as a beautiful gift box. It can be ordered in any size, color, shape and some beautiful and warming words of the wishes for the birthday people can be written on it. You can make boxes with the logo of your company and hand them as the presents to your customers - this will immediately raise the status of the company! For you we can produce any box for any use, such as: a gift box, a wedding box, a box with your company logo, a takeaway box for your place, etc.

The takeaway boxes need to be particularly considered. In many establishments, if you ask for food or desserts to take away, they use transparent plastic containers that are immediately associated with the meals from the supermarkets. We strongly recommend that you follow and create the image of your company by making boxes for take-aways. Even if you make boxes without printing and put a sticker on the top (a money-saving option for printing boxes), this will significantly change the customers’ impressions of your establishment.

Boxes for pastry. Odessa has changed so much that it is hard to imagine pastry served in the napkins or on the saucers. For a long time the cardboard boxes had been used to pack cakes and cupcakes. You can order from us printing of your advertising information on the boxes made in your corporate style. Be stylish with us.

E-mail or call us and our managers will consult you and together with our designers they will help you to make a colorful and original box for your business!

Prices(обновлено: 18-09-2019 )

Boxes production price:


Pizza boxes:

Size, cm Minicorrugated cardboard 2 mm\Corrugated cardboard 3 mm
25  0,32
30 0,36
32 0,40
35 0,44
40 0,53
45 0,56
50 0,80
60 10,0

For printing, you need to make a cliche, its cost is 25-50 EUR. Production time 5-7 days.


Boxes with Cover-Bottom:

Mini corrugated cardboard Price, EUR
290*165*95 0,65
300*300*100 0,77
330*180*70 0,73
340*120*80 0,73
542*542*70 1,26
600*355*140 1,44
Hexagon D380 1,40

Production time 5-7 days.


Boxes with a lid on top:

Size Price, EUR
80*40*40 0,24
100*80*45 0,27
120*90*35 0,27
145*100*70 0,36
175*120*45 0,34
200*200*50 0,42
240*225*55 0,41
270*240*170 0,68
305*305*45 0,66
360*230*80 0,87
386*170*130 1,10
440*380*65 1,10
550*350*110 1,53
700*135*40 0,82
1200*190*65 1,42

Production term 5-7 days


Printing on boxes:

Volume Print 1 color Print 2 colors
100 pcs 0,36 0,59
250 pcs 0,30 0,46
500 pcs 0,25 0,36
1000 pcs 0,22 0,30
2000 pcs 0,21 0,29

Print time is 3-5 days.

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