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A blank is a document on which the requisites of a company or firm stand, therefore it is most often called a letterhead, although there are other types of forms, for example: accounting forms, tax forms, reporting forms etc. In advertising, letterhead refers to the printing industry and has certain dimensions: that is A4 format. What distinguishes the form from other types of printing? It contains the company logo, legal and physical details of the company or person, as well as contacts.

The printing of blank is carried out by two technologies: either offset or digital printing, it depends on the circulation that you order. Letterheads with a logo are printed most often on offset paper with a density of 80, 90 or 100 g / m². If you print forms on coated paper, not offset paper, you may have problems with refilling the printer and printing documents on them. Blanks with a logo print full color printing, although you can order forms with black and white or one-color printing, which will save a budget for ordering forms. Before ordering printing of forms with a logo in our advertising agency "Vmeste" you need a layout. The design of the form can be made in the style of minimalism, where there is nothing superfluous, and may have different features from all. For example, on a layout in the middle of the form, they make a pale copy of the logo, or they can make a diagonal line repeat the name or website of the company.

In the manufacture of the form, you can use such technology as foil stamping, in fact it is printing with gold or silver of certain elements of the logo or emblem. It is also possible to make a form not on regular offset paper, but on designer paper or cardboard, then your letterhead will differ favorably from hundreds of others, which will add image and solidity to your company.

For advice on orderinglayouts, forms, price and time of their manufacture, don’t hesitate to contact us  and our managers will be happy to help you.


Prices(обновлено: 02-09-2019 )

Price of blanks:



1000 pcs

2500 pcs

5000 pcs

80 g/m², offset




90 g/m², chalked paper, gloss




Term for printing of blanks is 3-5 days.

Blanks with a logo
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Blanks with a logo
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Blanks with a logo
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Blanks A4 order
Blanks for the Kievskiy court
Blanks A4 order
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Blanks A4 order
Blanks for the Political party
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