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Blankets are a type of souvenir products used at home, in cafes, in tourism and as a good corporate gift. In the advertising field, we make the blankets with a logo, here you can choose the type of a blanket and there are several ways to print.

Printing the logo on the blanket is made with three printing technologies but with the embroidery in most cases. The embroidery on the blankets is the best way to apply a logo. Embroidery is durable, looks beautiful, is not vulnerable to washing, does not fade. You can still have silk screen printing, this method is suitable for the fast production of the blankets with the logo and the large quantities of them but they do not last the best. As well as thermal transfer films, which can be done on several types of blankets, but in general, for most of them they are not suitable.

You can order different types of the blankets from us but in 90% of cases you need the fleece blankets. Fleece is the best material for the blanket, it is light as for its weight, allows air to pass through, maintains the body temperature well, is hypoallergic, and does not need to be ironed after washing. We have the fleece blankets of different types and many different colors that will suit your corporate color.

In Vmeste Advertising Agency you can get the blankets to order which will be a useful gift, add to the corporate identity of your cafe, restaurant, hotel, or will be useful in a hiking trip. The blankets with embroidery are harder to steal because the shame of the thief will always be noticeable. Contact us, we will be glad to cooperate.

Prices(обновлено: 17-09-2019 )

Price for blankets:

Sizes\Price Price, 1 Layer Price, 2 layers
110*150 cm 20 32
120*150 cm 21 34
130*150 cm 22 36
140*150 cm 23 38
150*150 cm 24 40
180*150 cm 27 46
200*150 cm 29 50

Production time 3-6 days. We have any color to order, in stock.


Price for finished blankets:

Name Size Price, EUR
Easy Gifts 180*120 cm 14,5
Macma 180*120 cm 15
Pillow blanket 31*30*7,5 cm 15,5
Picnic 120*138 cm 21,5
Fleece 150*350 cm 29
New Year 150*350 cm 25,5

Delivery time is 2-3 days. These are ready-made blankets from the warehouse. Check with managers.


The price of embroidery on blankets:

Size\Volume to 10 pcs 10-20 pcs 20-50 pcs up to 50 pcs
To А6 2,5 2,5 2 1,5
To А5 3,5 3,3 2,6 2
To А4 4,5 4 3,3 2,3

The exact price is calculated according to the layout, the prices are approximate.

Blankets with a logo
Blankets sample
Blankets production
Blankets sample
Blankets with a logo
Blankets sample
Blankets production
Blankets sample
Blankets with a logo
Blankets sample
Blankets production
Blankets sample
Blankets with a logo
Blankets sample
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