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Badges with a logo is a type of souvenir products in the form of a plate, identifying its carrier. Name badges help identify their owner, facilitate quick acquaintance and at the same time are a distinctive sign on the form of employees. Badges most often carry three components: the name of the carrier, the position and the organization in which they work. Corporate badges are part of the corporate style of any self-respecting organization. Branded badges are most often used in the service sector, in which there is a large flow of customers during the day.

The production of badges is possible in the following types: metal badges and plastic badges. Metal badges are divided into: metal badges with a removable name, metal badges with a replaceable window and solid metal badges with chemical etching and painting with enamel. Plastic badges are also divided into: plastic badges with a removable name and plastic badges with two-layer plastic and engraving. Making a badge consists of 3 parts: the base of the badge, printing on the badge of the logo and other information and attaching the badge to the form. Below you will learn more about the features of the production of each type of badges and the options for printing the logo on them.

Metal badges with a removable name. These badges are made of aluminum with a bronze coating (gold color) or nickel (silver color). The size of a metal badge is standard 70 * 30 mm. At the bottom of the badge there is a field for inserting removable information that can be printed on a regular printer at home and replaced within a few seconds. A foil with a logo is stuck on the main part of the metal badge. The logo is printed on a badge with a transparent foil using the full-color printing method, which, after printing, is also covered with a protective foil that protects the badge from mechanical impact and water. The badge is fastened on the back side to a pin, clip or double magnet.

Metal badge with removable window. This type of badge is very similar to the previous one, but it has its differences. Badges with a window of aluminum with a special coating are made: glossy gold, dead gold, glossy silver and dead silver. The standard size of these badges is 72 * 27 mm. The peculiarity of this type of badge is that the whole badge is a replaceable field. The shape of the badge is slightly cambered, which allows you to more securely fasten the insert, which does not fall out. The insert can be printed on the printer again, but usually the insert is also printed on aluminum with a new printing technology for metal — a graverton, which allows you to print full-color images, even a photo. The fastening of this badge is the same as in the previous version: clip, pin or magnet.

Solid metal badge. These are the most solid metal badges, made from a single plate of brass (golden color) or nickel (silver color). They do not have a standard size, they can be: 60 * 15 mm, 80 * 27 mm, 80 * 25 mm and another size. Logo printing on badges is done in two stages. The first stage is chemical etching, which is blindly embossed logo and all the information on the metal. At the second stage, the places etched on the metal are covered with special enamel paint. The badge can be covered with one color of enamel, or with several colors, but the price will increase. To make a field for a replaceable name, a window is etched on the metal, onto which a transparent foil is glued with the information you need. The attachment of these badges is on a magnet or pin.

Plastic badges with a removable name. Plastic badges have certain advantages over metal ones, for example: they are lighter and do not delay the shape and even the cost advantage of the badges. Plastic badges are made in standard sizes 68 * 35 mm from gold or silver plastic. The logo printing on the badge is made with screen-printing technology. The paint is layered color by color, usually in 1 or 2 colors, but you can print up to 5 colors. A paper insert is inserted into the window for the replaceable name, which can be printed on the printer. Fastening is possible the same as the rest: pin, clip or magnets.

Badges from two-layer plastic with an engraving. These badges are made of two pieces of plastic of different color, which are glued tightly together. One piece of plastic is thin, the other is thick, and a pattern or inscription is cut out on thin plastic using laser engraving technology. And through the thin layer cut out, a second layer of plastic is visible, resulting in two-color badges. Double-layer plastic badges can be with a window for changeable information, they can also be of different sizes and shapes. Badge fastening is also possible as in other types: pin, clip, magnetic clip.

These are the main types of badges, but you can order badges of other sizes, shapes and materials. In order to buy badges please contact our managers and they will be happy to advise you on the manufacture of badges.


Prices(обновлено: 16-09-2019 )

Badges price:

Price badges graverton with a changeable name. Silver plating (3 kinds), gold (3 kinds), white (2 kinds). The size is 76 * 25, 75 * 30, 65 * 35, 75 * 38, 78 * 30, 76 * 25, 65 * 35 and 75 * 38 mm. Print 4 + 0 (full color).

Binding 15 pcs 30 pcs 45 pcs 60 pcs
Pin 5,3 4,6 4,3 4
Magnet 6,3 5,5 5,3 5


The price of plastic badges with a removable name and without. Background: any color acrylic. Size: from 65 * 35 to 85 * 54 mm. Print 4 + 0 (full color).

Print Binding 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs
Full color Pin 5,5 4,6 4,2
Full color Magnet 6 5,2 4,8
Full color + resin Pin 6,8 5,9 5,4
Full color + resin Magnet 7,1 6,4 6,2
Full color Pin 4,6 3,7 3,2
Full color Magnet 5,8 4,2 4
Full color + resin Pin 5,9 5 4,6
Full color + resin Magnet 6,4 5,6 5,3


The price for metal badges is a registered graverton. Plating: gold (3 types), silver (3 types), white (2 types). Size: 1 row (51 * 12, 68 * 20, 76 * 25, 65 * 35, 75 * 38 mm), 2 row (80 * 50, 86 * 54, diameter 25, diameter 50 mm). Print 4 + 0 (full color).

Size Binding 15 pcs 30 pcs 45 pcs 60 pcs
1 range Pin 4,3 3,1 3,2 3
1 range Magnet 5,2 4,5 4 3,8
2 ranges Pin 4,7 4 3,6 3,3
2 ranges Magnet 5,6 4,8 4,4 4,1


The price of one-piece metal badges with chemical etching. Dimensions: 60 * 15, 70 * 15, 75 * 38, 80 * 15, 80 * 25 mm. The base material is brass. Chemical etching. Printing enamel in 1 color, for 1 more color +0,13 EUR, up to 6 colors.

Coating Binding 10 pcs 20 pcs 30 pcs
Nickel Pin, butterfly 9,2 8,1 6,8
Gold Pin, butterfly 12,4 11,3 10
Nickel Magnet 10 9 9,6
Gold Magnet 13,2 12,2 10,8


The price of plastic badges with a removable name from a two-layer plastic and engraving. Size from 75 * 38 to 85 * 54 mm.

Print Bilding 25 pcs 50 pcs 100 pcs
Without changeable name Pin 3,5 3 2,8
Magnet 4,5 4 3,8
With changeable name Pin 4,6 3,8 3,4
Magnet 5 4,3 4


The price of plastic badges for laces on the neck, without fastening. 

Size/Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 200 pcs 300 pcs
70*100 mm 1,2 1,1 1 0,9
100*130 mm 1,9 1,8 1,6 1,4

Note: The time of manufacture, the exact miscalculation of the cost of badges or the manufacture of other badges ask managers.

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