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Banner is the material used most often in the outdoor advertising. The banner in its structure is similar to the fabric but vinyl, rubberized. Even in other cities and countries, it is called vinyl or the vinyl fabric although in our country the types of the self-adhesive film are often called vinyl. The banner itself is white so without printing on the banner it’s hard to imagine it implemented in advertising. Printing on the banner is done using the special large format printing technology. You will learn about the printing options on the banner and how to manufacture the final product in this article below.

Making of the banner is a process consisting of choosing a material, choosing a printer for printing an image on it and the finishing stage. And so, let's start with the material: there are many types of them but in order not to complicate things, we conditionally divide them into three types: China, Europe and the banner grid. Externally, the banner of the European and Chinese material is not very different but the grid is all pierced with the tiny holes and it is difficult not to recognize it. But the European and the Chinese banner fabric looks the same for many, they have differences though. In addition to the difference in density, they have a difference in structure, the European one is more like a canvas and the Chinese one on the reverse side has a noticeable net structure. All this is not very important but the high quality interior printing is better obtained on a smoother European fabric. In addition, the Chinese material is cheaper than the European one but not significantly.

Banner printing is the second and main stage of the banner manufacturing process. For printing of the banner fabric, the large-format printing technology is used which differs significantly from the digital or the offset printing. It uses the special wide-format printers and the inks. There are printers Tukan, Mimaki, Vutek, Infiniti, Сolorpain, Latex and many other brands of the large format printers. And in order not to delve into the specifics of each of them printing on the banner can be divided into two types: ordinary and interior quality. The normal printing is a saving budget printing option that is great for making most banners that are used in the advertising. The interior printing is a high-resolution print with high image granularity, needed for printing of the photo quality which will be examined at close range. Often I hear the misconception that we offer printing of either poor or good quality, in fact, these two types of printing differ only in the number of dpi, it can be 360, 720 and 1440. The poor quality of printing can be caused by the cheap Chinese ink used for the banner printing, but we do not deal with that.

After the banner is printed, the final stage is to produce it which is the postpress. The banner can be cut which is done for free, since the print area can be 1 meter and a roll of the banner fabric is 1.6 meters. Then for sure the finished banner will require grommets - these are iron rings which then the banner is mounted on. If the banner is used on the street for a long time or the product itself is large and weighs significantly, we will recommend to do the welding of the edges. This operation, when the edge of the banner is bent and welded, it turns out two-layer edges. For even greater reliability, when bending the edges under the welder, you can put a rope inside and then when your banner comes off the grommet, the rope will protect it from slacking.

Making the banner only at first glance seems to be a simple and simple process. But choosing which material to use for the lightbox, which one for plotting the board, which one as the banner, and which one to cover the scaffolding of the house is not easy. Also, choosing a printer for printing the banner of your size is not always easy because the banner can be 1.6 meters wide or 3.2 meters wide but not every printer can print the interior quality on the banner of 3.2 meters and many other nuances. By the way, an important role when printing the banner is its layout. Therefore, if you do not have a layout, it is better to entrust its creation to our designers because, unlike printing, there are other features and requirements for the quality of the layouts in large format printing.

The cost of manufacturing of the banner consists of a number of the components: the material that is used for printing, the method of printing and post-printing. But mainly from the total footage that you need to print. In Vmeste Advertising Agency you can always get a discount, especially if you place a complex order with us besides the banner. To order a banner, call us, and our managers will be happy to advise you something and make a banner for you.


Prices(обновлено: 04-10-2019 )

Banners price:


Material/ Footage to 1 m² 1-5 m² 5-10 m² over 10 m²
China (ordinary) 10,6 10,0 8,0 6,6
China (interior) 12,6 12,0 9,3 8,0
Europe\Net (ordinary) 11,3 10,6 8,6 7,3
Europe\Net (interior) 13,3 12,6 10,6 9,3

The cost of soldering is 2 EUR per 1 m.

Eyelets cost 0,4 EUR for 1 pc.

Production time is 1-2 days.

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