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Bandannas were first used by cowboys as kerchiefs to protect them from dust. Subsequently, bandannas have became popular with bikers, and today they are widely distributed as a daily accessory and in advertising. In advertising this position is called bandanna with a logo or kerchiefs with a logo. bandannas and kerchiefs are quite simple: square bandannas, and triangular kerchiefs and make up half of bandannas. Scarves in advertising have several advantages over other elements of promotional forms, such as T-shirts, caps, polo, shirt front. bandannas are cheaper, more practical and faster to be made, read more about this below.

Making of bandannas consists of three stages: tailoring, logo printing and postprinting of edges. You can sew bandannas from different materials: cotton, crepsatin, satin, polyester, coarse calico and others. The size of the products can be made by anyone, but most often they are sewn with bandannas with dimensions of 60 * 60 or 90 * 90 cm. Printing of bandannas with a logo is done with screen printing or sublimation, it is rarely possible to make computer embroidery. If your layout is full-color, then it is printed by sublimation, if it is by color and large circulation, it is more profitable to make a silk screen, if you want to make an impression, then your choice is embroidery. After printing, you need to process the edges - this is an overlock, a micro overlock or a thermal cutter, depending on the material and budget of the customer.

To order a bandanna with a logo, contact the managers of the advertising agency "Vmeste". If you do not have a layout, our designers will design it for you promptly. We will tell you the optimal manufacturing technology of bandannas and printing images on them, as well as calculate the exact cost of the order.


Prices(обновлено: 16-09-2019 )

Price of bandannas production:

Size/ Volume 50 pcs 100 pcs 250 pcs 500 pcs
Bandanas 60*60 cm 8,6 8 7,3 7
Bandanas 90*90 cm 11,3 10,5 10 9,3
Kerchiefs 60*60 сm (1\2 bandanas) 7,3 13 6,5 6,2

Production time 3-7 days. The exact cost depends on the layout and processing of edges, check with managers.

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