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Balloons are a kind of souvenir product that is familiar to everyone since childhood and is necessarily associated with a holiday. In advertising, these souvenirs are called balloons with a logo. Balloons with a logo are an effective advertising tool when conducting an advertising campaign of a new brand, store, product or service. In contrast to the distribution of printing, the distribution of balloons will not only attract attention, but it will be much easier to be distributed and not thrown into the nearest recycle bin. The scope of the balloons is not small, it is: decorations of holidays, establishments at the opening, exhibitions, distribution on the streets, shopping centers and everything associated with active promotion, or if necessary, attract attention to yourself. In general, the balloons come in different colors, sizes and materials manufacturing, read about it below.

Printing logo on balloons is done using silk screen technology, which prints a logo or an inscription by color, we recommend 1-2 colors, maximum 7 colors, not more. Printing on balloons is done automatically or semi-automatically. The automatic method is suitable for printing balloons of more than 20,000 pieces, and semi-automatic from 100 to 20,000 balloons. You can still print the balloons with offset printing technology, but we don’t deal with them, because the image, despite the possibility of full-color printing, is very pale, blurry and not presentable. As for the silk-screen printing of logo on balloons, it is done in one or two colors most often. This is due to the fact that printing is made on inflated balloons, while after printing in 1 color they dry and then equally put the balloon and get the second color just may not work. Theoretically, you can print up to 7 colors on a single balloon, but when making such complex layouts, a lot of balloons are spent on rejects, which greatly affects the cost of printing. You can print the logo on the balloon from one side or from two sides, if you wish, from three sides, but this is a separate calculation at the request of the customer.

The manufacture of balloons with a logo comes from two stages: the manufacture of balloons and the printing of a logo on them. About printing on balloons read above. Production of balloons in Ukraine is not done, they are produced in Belgium, Italy, Germany, USA, Poland and even in Mexico. That is, we print on blanks and depending on the materials, you can choose the color of the blank. The manufacture of balloons is made of latex, which can be of different density and color saturation. The density of the balloons is divided into crystals - translucent balloons, pastel - dense and non-transparent balloons, as well as metallic - dense, not transparent balloons with glitter. In our prices are prices for printing on latex balloons pastel. The size of the balloons can be from 22 cm to 175 cm in diameter. In shape, they can be oval, in the form of hearts, round on all sides and original forms of characters, animals, and so on. In the prices you can find the prices of the most common sizes of balloons 25 and 30 cm, for the calculation of the manufacture of balloons of other sizes contact our managers.

In addition to printing the logo on balloons for them, we also offer plastic sticks for balloons. They are necessary when the balloons are inflated by air, since without them the balloons will fall to the floor. You can also order inflatable balloons with helium, then we will offer you ribbons of different colors, to which helium balloons are tied up. We can also offer you weaving an arch of balloons or other complex objects of balloons. Balloon weaving is often in demand at openings and special events: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, presentations, and so on. In order to order balloons with a logo, write to the advertising agency "Vmeste" and our managers will be happy to advise you or accept the order.


Prices(обновлено: 16-09-2019 )

Price for balloons with a logo:


25 cm balloons 

Volume/Balloons 100 pcs 200 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs  5000 pcs
1 color, 1 side (1+0) 0,45 0,35 0,22 0,18 0,14
2 colors, 1 side (2+0) 0,47 0,38 0,24 0,19 0,15
1 color, 2 sides (1+1) 0,47 0,38 0,24 0,2 0,16
2 colors, 2 sides (2+2) 0,48 0,4 0,25 0,22 0,18


30 cm Balloons

Volume/Balloons 100 pcs 200 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 5000 pcs
1 color, 1 side (1+0) 0,46 0,37 0,24 0,21 0,17
2 colors, 1 side (2+0) 0,48 0,4 0,26 0,22 0,18
1 color, 2 sides (1+1) 0,49 0,4 0,26 0,23 0,19
2 colors, 2 sides (2+2) 0,5 0,42 0,28 0,25 0,2


  • When drawing up to 500 balloons, the matrix is paid, 7 EUR for 1 color.
  • Change the printing color - 7 EUR for 1 color.
  • Heart-shaped balloon +0,05 EUR for the price list (30 cm only).
  • Metallic balloon +0.03 EUR to the price list (30 cm only).
  • Printing with golden or silver paint + 30%.

The term of production of balloons with a logo is 3-7 days. For the miscalculation of the press in 3 colors and more contact the manager.



Type/Volume 100 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs
Stick + nozzle 0,033 0,03 0,025
Sticks with nozzles 0,045 0,043 0,04
Blowing with air 0,1 0,08 0,07
Blowing with helium 1,2 1,13 1,05


Balloon arch weaving:

Footage 1 m² 5 m² 10 m² 20 m²
Price 17 15 13 11

The price may vary depending on the diameter, color and material of the balloons. Specify the price at managers.

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