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Bags are a kind of souvenir products that includes a lot of types of other goods. The bags include: eco-bags, travel bags, thermo bags, waist and hand bags, laptop bags, suitcases, backpacks and bags for documents. Most often, in the advertising sphere, ready-made goods are taken from catalogs and a logo is printed on them, less often we are engaged in tailoring bags for the order.

Tailoring of the bags is done only for non-complex models, such as eco bags, shopping bags, hand or belt bags, backpacks and bags for promotions. Tailoring is done with polyester, two-thread, twill, unbleached calico, bologna and spunbond. This is not the entire list of possible materials but the most frequently used ones. More complex products are easier and cheaper to purchase from a wholesale warehouse ready-made and put a logo on them. Since they are sewn in very large quantities in other countries and because of this their cost is quite low.

Printing on the bags is done with different technologies. The most commonly used are screen printing and thermal transfer of different films. Silk-screen printing allows you to make a logo with printing quantities of 20 pieces. The advantage is a cold method of application which will preserve the wholeness of the bag. A disadvantage is the print color and fragility, on synthetic materials the silk screen paint can quickly disappear. Thermal transfer is also done in color but unlike silk screen printing, it lasts well on both natural and synthetic fabric materials. It is made in a circulation from 1 piece but with the increase in circulation the price of printing almost does not change. Also you can do embroidery on the bags if it is possible to fasten the product in the embroidery hoop. And for printing on polyester or bologna, you can use sublimation on a roll of fabric and then carve out and sew the necessary bags.

Bags for laptops, bags for documents - these are two similar types of bags, they are rectangular and allow you to fold documents up to A4 size as well as laptops of the medium diagonal. They differ in the density of materials and the width of the side folds.

Belt bags and hand bags  are the smallest bags types that are worn on a belt or on a hand. They are small in size and suitable for storing purses, wallets, phones and various small items.

Thermobags - this type of the bags is one of the most useful ones as they help to keep food and drinks while traveling, hiking, at the beach or at home, when there is a blackout for a long time. They differ in volume, come in different sizes and designs, the function is the same for everyone.

Travel bags and sports bags are also two very similar types of bags. They are elongated like a banana, with handles, bulky, made of different materials and differ in size. The travel bags can still have wheels and a retractable handle like suitcases.

Eco bags, beach bags, shopping bags, bags for promotions are almost the same kind of the bags. They are made of different materials, mainly spunbond, two-thread, twill and calico. These bags differ in size, bottom and side folds and handles.

Backpacks and suitcases are two different types of bags but with one purpose which is carrying a large number of things. Although backpacks are of many types and the simplest and smallest ones are used for carrying things every day. In fact, a backpack is a bag on the back. Suitcases usually come with a solid frame, plastic or covered with fabrics, sometimes leather. They are usually on wheels and with a retractable handle for convenient transportation of baggage.

If you want to order the bags with the logo printing, contact our managers, they will help you choose the model, color, size and ways of printing the logo.

Prices(обновлено: 16-09-2019 )

Bags prices:

Type\Volume Up to 10 pcs 10-50 pcs More than 50 pcs

Sports \ Traveling Bags

25-450 23-430 21-410

Bags for documents \ laptops

10-33 9-30 7-26

Beach bags \ eco \ promo

2,6-6,6 2,3-6 2-5,3

Thermal bags

24-135 22-125 20-120


4-200 3,6-195 3,3-185


53-665 50-630 45-600

Waist Bags

4-65 3,6-65 3,3-60


The price of printing on backpacks:

Size Colors up to 10 pcs 10-50 pcs  more than 50 pcs
Stencil, 10*15 1 - 3,6 3,3
Stencil, 10*15 2 - 4,3 4
Flex, 10*15 1 13,5 12,5 10,5
Flex, 10*15 2 17,5 15,5 13,5

The term for printing on bags, along with the purchase of 3-10 days.

Printing on bags
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Bags with logo production
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Printing on bags
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Bags with logo production
Bags for Cheerleading team
Printing on bags
Bags for Cheerleading team
Bags with logo production
Bags for Happy time
Printing on bags
Bags for Store Parts
Bags with logo production
Bags for rieltors
Printing on bags
Bags for Sohnut
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Bags for Sneaker Store
Printing on bags
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Printing on bags
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