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Awnings are a type of outdoor advertising which looks like a canopy of various shapes and sizes with awnings of different colors. In the advertising field, the awnings are necessarily branded with the customer’s inscriptions or logos. The awnings with the logo not only decorate your establishment but also are a kind of a sign.

The production of the awnings consists of two processes: the manufacture of the metal structures or the purchase of the ready-made and choice of the awning as well as printing the inscriptions and the logo on it. We prefer to work with the manufacture of the awnings from our types of material but we can buy for you a ready-made solution and make a logo printing and installation of the structure. The pipes of various diameters and shapes are used for the manufacture, they are all primed and then painted to add to the long-term life of the construction and also to prevent the corrosion.

For the manufacture of the awnings the acrylic material is taken which is quite dense and durable, waterproof, and resistant to fading. Printing on the awnings is done by the method of the thermal transfer of the flex film, that is by color. Sometimes you can use the silk screen printing, when there is a circulation of 10-20 pieces of the same inscriptions.

In our advertising agency ‘Vmeste’ you can get the awnings to order, we will help you with the choice of the shape, material, print of the logo, make the design and carry out the installation. To do this, contact us, we will be glad to cooperate.

Prices(обновлено: 04-10-2019 )

Awnings  price:


Size 1 m² 5 m² 10 m²
Price, EUR 180 150 125

Prices are approximate, an accurate calculation is made by a technical specialist. Production time 5-10 days.

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