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Ashtrays are a device for collecting the ashes of the smokers’ cigarettes it is considered as the souvenirs. The ashtrays care made in various sizes, shapes and of different materials. The most common in the ceramic or glass ashtrays with the company logo. Ashtrays with the company logo are the elements of the corporate identity and form the image of the institution where they are used. The ceramic ashtrays are cheap, and there are metal or china ones which are much more expensive.

The manufacture of the ashtrays with a logo consists of two stages: the selection and purchase of an ashtray and printing a logo on it. There are many types of the ashtrays, our managers will select for you an ashtray option according to the materials of manufacture, shape and color, from the existing stock availability. We sell ashtrays from the simplest and the least expensive, to the exclusive ones with decorative elements made by the jewelers.

Printing the logo on the ashtrays is made by the technology that is suitable for the material of the ashtray. If the ashtrays are ceramic or porcelain, they can be pad-printed on, which is done in color and may fade away over time. You can make with the decal printing technology which always stays on the ashtray and does not get erased but is a little more expensive and more difficult to manufacture. On the metal or china ashtrays, the logo will be more appropriately applied with laser engraving or UV printing. The choice of technology will be recommended by our managers after determining which ashtrays you need and which layout you have. If you do not have a layout, the designers of our Vmeste design studio will develop it for you.

To order or buy the ashtrays, please call and our managers of the Vmeste advertising agency, we will be happy to advise you on anything and help you place an order.


Prices(обновлено: 15-09-2019 )

Price of ashtrays:

Type Sizes, mm Price, EUR
01 ceramics 110*100*22 1,6
02 glass mat 105*35 2,2
03 clear glass 90*35 3,5
04 white ceramics 90*35 3,3
05 crystal, metal 145*55 80


Price for pad printing:

Colors\Volume 100 pcs 500 pcs 1000 pcs 5000 pcs 10000 pcs
1 color 40 60 75 225 375
2 colors 55 95 125 335 560
3 colors 75 125 170 465 745
4 colors 105 175 245 605 1025

Production time is 3-5 days.

Ashtrays with logo
Ashtrays for Burlesque
Ashtrays with logo
Ashtrays sample
Ashtrays production
Ashtrays sample
Ashtrays with logo
Ashtrays sample
Ashtrays production
Ashtrays sample
Ashtrays with logo
Ashtrays sample
Ashtrays production
Ashtrays sample
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