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Aprons are a type of the souvenir products that belong to textiles. The aprons in advertising are used for cooks, hairdressers, stylists, salespeople, for promotions, advertising campaigns as the promotional clothing. The aprons consist of two services: tailoring and printing a logo on the aprons.

Tailoring the aprons is made of many types of fabric, the most common ones of them are gabardine, polyester, satin, two-thread, flax, serge and bologna. The aprons are made in different types of tailoring: short, only around the waist, standard, with a top, and also the apron dresses that cover the whole body. Since the aprons are made to order, the shape of the pattern, the material, the fabric color and the accessories are chosen individually for each customer. The aprons can have various pockets and other elements of tailoring. In addition to the manufacture of the aprons, there are still different ways to print on them.

Printing the logo on the aprons is done with the following printing technologies: sublimation, silk-screen printing, computer embroidery and printing with the various flex film. Let's examine each one separately.

Silk-screen printing is great for printing images by color, usually 1-3 colors, on natural fabrics and with circulation of 20 pieces.

Sublimation is suitable for full-color printing, as well as for full coverage of the entire apron but is done only on the synthetic fabrics, with a circulation of 1 piece though.

Computer embroidery has the most prestigious look but for larger sizes the embroidery is more expensive than the screen printing however it compensates the price with an excellent appearance.

Flex printing is suitable for any fabric. It is made with the help of the film of different colors, so it is suitable for printing by color but in contrast to the screen printing it can be made from 1 piece. Also, the print size is almost unlimited, unlike with the embroidery.

You do not need to understand all the nuances of the sewing production or the logo printing. The managers of the advertising agency ‘Vmeste’ will help you choose the aprons to order based on your needs. Call, write us, we will be happy to advise you something and fulfill your order on time.


Prices(обновлено: 16-09-2019 )

Aprons price:

Type\Volume up to 10 pcs 11-25 pcs 25-50 pcs от 50 pcs
Sewing 13 10 8 6
Sublimation 15 12 9 7
Silk screen     1,3-2,0 0,7-1,2
Flex 12 8 6 4
Embroidery 4,5 3,5 2,5 1,5

The price in the price is approximate, for everything you need an individual calculation, which depends on the material, logo and parking.

Production time 4-7 days.

Aprons production
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