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Acrylight is a type of signs made of the transparent plexiglass, it is called acrylic with the front illumination by LEDs. The illumination from the back passes through the acrylic and illuminates only those places where there is laser or milling engraving. They are used for signs, panels, markers, awards, elements of the interior advertising.

Making of the acrylights consists of a choice of the material, the engraving method and the method of illumination. For the manufacture the cast acrylic or the extruded one of different thicknesses is taken. We usually use 8 mm because the width of the LED strip is 8 mm but generally they are made from 6 to 12 mm. Drawing the image is done by the laser engraving or the mechanical milling, it depends on the complexity of the application and the choice of technology remains with the technologist. The light itself can be of different colors: red, blue, green or it can be filled with different colors thanks to the programmed controller.

According to the methods of application, akrilights are divided into: wall, floor, table and pendant. According to the manufacturing technology, they are almost the same, the only difference is on which side the lighting is, it can be from several sides. They also differ in the method of attachment, it can be a stand, a fishing line, a profile, some wall mounts etc. The most common type is the akrilight on the wall and the desktop akrilight.

There are a number of the additional methods for the manufacture of the akrilights, this is when the transparent acrylic, in addition to the engraving, is made with a film application or cut out elements of the colored acrylic. Even the milled elements can be erased with the colorful types of paint which will increase the cost but add uniqueness and originality to the product.

There are several major factors affecting the cost of manufacturing of the acrylights.

  • The size of the product of acrylic, the more it is, the higher the price is.
  • The thickness of the acrylic material, the thicker it is, the higher the price is.
  • Methods of illumination: on one side, on two sides, one-color illumination, or a programmed color switch.
  • The complexity of the image that needs to glow, that is, the complexity of the engraving and the shape of the product itself.
  • The circulation of products, the more of them, the more rationally the materials are used and the time and the cost of manufacturing one unit gets reduced.

Acrylics to order you can do with us in Vmeste Advertising Agency, we will advise you on all matters of the manufacture. In addition to manufacturing, we have all types of services, including design, if you do not have a designer. Order all types of advertising services at one place.

Prices(обновлено: 04-10-2019 )

Acrylights price: 


Size up to 1 m. more than 1 m. from 5 m.
Price, EUR 65-200 150-250 130-200

The exact price is calculated only by the layout. The price is affected by the thickness of acrylic, size, the number of engraving / milling, the type of LEDs, the total volume. 

Production time 4-7 days.

Akrilights production
Akriligts for Nemo
Akrilights with a logo
Akriligts for Nemo
Akrilights production
Akriligts for Nemo
Akrilights with a logo
Akrilight sample
Akrilights production
Akrilight sample
Akrilights with a logo
Akrilight sample
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